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Key features

  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices,
  • Simultaneous acquisition from several different sources and systems,
  • Signal incoming from acquisition systems or generators protected against deletion,
  • Multiple sampling frequencies per channel
  • Multi-instance acquisition: up to 8 NOTOCORD-hem instances on a single desktop,
  • Easy insertion of comments and markers during acquisition,
  • Video stream synchronization: simultaneous recording of video along other signals.

Signal acquisition

CharacteristicsMin MaxComments
File storage name .nss See Data storage - KRN43a
Recording triggered manually (Period) (tick)  
Recording triggered by sequencer SRE10a - Scheduled sampling (tick)  
Sampling time per sample1µs 
Time 0 defined as 1st sample of 1st period (tick) In the status bar date indicated is this starting time
Elapsed time counting independent of computer date and time (tick) When NOTOCORD-hem is started a global time counter is started in NSMLocal service. Counter is up to 231 clock ticks of 1ms each or ~24.85 days. (warning) NSMlocal needs to be restarted before this limit. Can be done using a reboot or using a computer administrative command.
Samples per period0 231Measured in the stream with the highest sampling rate
Number of periods per stream0 231 
Overall data samples per stream0 263 

Calibration is available via the Acquisition menu, offering two methods based respectively on Square wave and Sinus wave.

Streams identification

NOTOCORD-hem Evolution® allows over 1000 acquisition streams. Stream types are discriminated using a color code: 

Color code

Stream type




Continuous signals

Up to 263 samples per stream, up to 1 sample per µs.

Analogue signals such as physiological signals (ECG, blood pressure, temperature, etc.).
The sampling rate is constant during one acquisition period (see What are the typical sampling frequencies?


Discrete signals

Series of points with X = time (Integer, 64 bits) and Y = numeric value (real number, 16, 32, 64 bits).
Up to 263 XY points per stream.

RR-interval, instantaneous heart rate, systolic pressure, etc.
The value and the time are recorded together.


Event markers

Special streams

Series of information with X = event time and Y = {type, label, protected state}.
Up to 65536 markers per stream.

Areas, spectral display, note, binary data block.

An event occurring at a specific time associated to a user information (Low dose, blood sampling, room entry, etc.).



Series of points with X = event time. Up to 263 points per stream.

An event occurring at a specific time without an associated value and comment (a stimulation trigger, a threshold crossing, etc.).



Video streams.

A video recorded with a camera during an experiment.

Compatibility between data streams and connector

The connection rules between streams and inputs are represented below:

 Module input color
StreamsRedBlueGreenPinkOrangeWhite (star)Black
Red(tick)    (tick)(tick)
Blue (tick)(tick)  (tick)(tick)


  (tick)  (tick)(tick)
Pink   (tick)  (tick)
Orange    (tick) (tick)

(star) Compatibility can be specific for some modules. White input accepts at least two stream types among the three possible.