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NSS files can communicate with NOTOCORD-hem Evolution®, Matlab® and Microsoft Excel® as shown in Figure 2.


NOTOCORD-hem Evolution®

NSS files and NOTOCORD-hem Evolution® communicate both ways, via the Data Manager (not visible to the user), for data review and analysis.

Regarding data sustainability, NOTOCORD-hem Evolution® ensures compatibility of the current version with previous software versions and the ability to read files (data and audit trail) from previous minor and major versions.

Matlab® (via MPI10a)

Thanks to MPI10a (Matlab Link for NOTOCORD-hem), processing and analysis of NOCOTORD-hem and Matlab® data streams are possible in both environments, using a unique library of functions. MPI10a is a license-dependent feature.

Data extraction into Microsoft Excel®

Based on a unique reporting system, data from NOTOCORD-hem files are extracted into Microsoft Excel® via the Excel wizard, a set of functions added to the system during NOTOCORD-hem Evolution® installation. Data are read and written directly from file to final report. The Excel wizard allows customized template creation for time-saving reporting.


The Excel Wizard assistants are described below:



File Info

Extracts general information: filename, acquisition duration, acquisition start time, etc.


Extracts experiment information: values, average, number of points, maximum, etc.

Event Markers

Extracts information on markers: number, type, assigned keys, name, etc.


Allows visual redefinition of the analysis zone.


Draws a graph that represents extracted data.


Ensures extracted data match appropriate events (e.g.: extracted data really correspond to a fully detected heartbeat).