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NOTOCORD-hem 4.3 - KRN43a  Acquisition - KRN43a
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NOTOCORD-hem software platform hosts over 160 modules and applications for signal acquisition, analysis, display and reporting into Microsoft Excel®. NOTOCORD’s validated solutions are fit for research in preclinical phases of new drug development (discovery, safety pharmacology and toxicology studies), with proven analysis capabilities for cardiovascular, respiratory, electrophysiology and nervous system signals.

Schematic representation

Schematic representation of NOTOCORD-hem environment and interactions
Schematic representation of NOTOCORD-hem environment and interactions. GUI= Graphical User Interface

  • KRN43a or NOTOCORD-hem kernel is the heart of the system. It contains all the functions used to control data acquisition, processing, analysis and display. It includes 8 default modules described thereafter.
  • NOTOCORD-hem licensing is subject to an activation system. Licenses management is performed via the TokenManager application (installed on the workstation during NOTOCORD-hem installation). Licenses are provided as an electronic file (LIC) and require an activation key to be installed on the workstation (details available in the License Management section ).
  • The highly secure applications AccessManager and LabManager (audit trail, user access management, video security policy, etc.) allow your system to be compliant with Good Laboratory Practice and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.
  • The acquisition servers ensure compatibility between NOTOCORD-hem and acquisition hardware.
  • During NOTOCORD-hem installation, a specific toolbar, the Microsoft Excel reporting - Excel Wizard, is added to your Microsoft Excel® application interface for data extraction and analysis.

Data files generated with NOTOCORD-hem are identified by the *.nss file extension (NSS). Each generated NSS file contains data and the configuration.

NOTOCORD-hem operates in Microsoft Windows 7® and Active Directory® environment.

Standard package





Universal chart display

Continuous display used to visualize signals.


Cycle detector

Detects cycles and characteristic points in a repetitive signal.


Linear interpolation filter

Adjusts the sampling frequency of any signal.


Event marker generator using keyboard

Insert markers online or offline.


Signal generator from acquisition servers

Generates signals from acquisition servers installed on the workstation.


Signal generator from NOTOCORD files

Acquires signals from an existing NOTOCORD-hem file (NSS). NSR10a is preconfigured to read a simulation file containing ECG and BP signals.


Simple arithmetic operation between 2 signals

Performs addition, multiplication or division between data points sharing the same abscissa.


Data streams retrieval

Recovers deleted modules and data streams.

 The standard package also includes the Excel wizard add-in for Microsoft Excel®.

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