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XYD30a has its own display window, which can be divided into 4 parts (detailed in affiliated sections):

  • A: Multi-graphs display - allows to define zones on which the 2nd data series is displayed against the 1st data series
  • B: Zones definition panel
  • C: XY Display
  • D: Data analysis / Display control panel


About zones
  • A zone may be inserted, deleted, selected, shifted or resized at any moment. A simple click provides the correspondence between a data point on the XY display and its time position on the multi-graphs display.
  • Data sets from several zones can be displayed simultaneously. During acquisition, XY relationships can also be displayed continuously over a time sliding window with a user-defined depth.
  • Data of a control zone from the same file or from another file can be displayed on the XY graph.
  • Finally, XY relationships from the zones of the current file can be approximated with a selection of regression curves.


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