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The chart below details the UVA general process, including the methodology suggested by NOTOCORD, showing inputs and outputs (white boxes) for the main steps (blue boxes), and the stakeholder’s involvement (columns).

  • The left column shows documents exclusively produced by NOTOCORD and provided to the Customer.
  • The right column shows documents exclusively produced by the Customer and provided to NOTOCORD.
  • The middle column shows the main phases of the project and documents collaboratively produced by both parties. During these phases:
    • NOTOCORD is responsible for documents production, and project progress and follow-up (except when waiting for the Customer to provide the information required to proceed).
    • The Customer is responsible for providing comprehensive information during the initial meeting, and for the review and approval of each document within a reasonable time to minimize the project’s duration.

The suggested methodology must be adapted to the Customer needs and Change Control procedure.
An exhaustive list of provided services and deliverables is defined in the Deliverables and activities section.