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AMG50a - Access Manager  Prerequisites - AMG50a
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AccessManager: security application designed to set access control policies (username, password and comment) for actions performed in NOTOCORD-hem™. Access control may be shared by networked workstations running NOTOCORD-hem™.

Access Rights Client: networked workstation using the centralized access control policy from the Access Rights Server. All the Access Rights Clients workstations belong to the same network and share the same access control policy.

Access Rights Server: single workstation centralizing the access control policy.

Account (User account): collection of data associated with a particular user of a computer system used by several persons. Generally composed of a username and a password, the account has specific security access levels. It allows the user to authenticate to the computer system and be granted authorization to access its functionalities.
AccessManager uses Windows® user accounts.

Active Directory®: system software included in Windows® server which manages authentication and authorization of all users and computers within a Windows® network.

Authentication mode: access control requiring a Username and a Password.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice):

  • Source 21 CFR part 58 – Scope: refers to practices defined by the Food and Drug Administration under 21 CFR part 58 for conducting nonclinical laboratory studies that support or are intended to support applications for research or marketing permits for products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, including food and color additives, animal food additives, human and animal drugs, medical devices for human use, biological products, and electronic products.
  • Source OECD: refers to a quality system concerned with the organisational process and the conditions under which non-clinical health and environmental safety studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, archived and reported.

Identification mode: access control requiring only a Username.

IT (Information Technology): department and/or person(s) in charge of managing the company’s information systems.

NTFS (New Technology File System): standard Windows® file system, starting with Windows® NT, used for storing and retrieving files on a hard disk. In particular, NTFS allows to:

  • add specific permissions on files and folders: read, write, execute, modify, full control, etc.
  • encrypt files,
  • compress files, etc.

OS (Operating System): set of programs which manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for application software (e.g. Microsoft Windows®, Linux, Android, etc.).

Users: persons operating NOTOCORD-hem™ software and related applications.

Workfile directory: data folder on the computer selected during NOTOCORD-hem™ installation, where NSS data files are written by default by NOTOCORD-hem™ software for any NOTOCORD-hem™ users. This directory can be shared locally by all users:

  • With NOTOCORD-hem™ 4.3 working on Windows® 7, the default workfile directory shared by all users is C:\Users\Public Documents\Notocord\Data.
  • With NOTOCORD-hem™ 4.2 working on Windows® XP, it is C:\Program Files\Notocord\Data.

The workfile directory can also be located in the “My Documents” custom directory of each user (not recommended for GLP).

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