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Generation of event markers used to pinpoint specific events in the course of an experiment

Event channels and markers provided by KBD30a are customizable for precise and easy-to-read file analysis. Among the user-defined parameters are the number of marker channels, the marker type, label and style. Markers are independent from the signal they are assigned to.

  • Addition of event markers using keyboard shortcuts
  • Multiple marker channels and types available to mark different kinds of events
  • User-defined parameters, such as marker type, label, and position
  • Identification of events during signal acquisition
  • Reference marks for Excel® data extraction
  • Reference marks for analysis zones of specific modules (ECG51aPVL10lVME10e/v, XYD30a)
  • Included in Version 4.2
  • Included in Version 4.3
GLP / 21 CFR Part 11
  • Insertion, modification, and deletion of markers traced in the Audit Trail and subject to access control


Markers inserted with KBD30a