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This section assumes that you are familiar with the use of Microsoft Excel®.

During the installation of NOTOCORD-hem™ a function is added to the system, creating a link between Microsoft Excel® and NOTOCORD-hem™.
The Data extraction in Microsoft Excel is a unique reporting system that allows fast and efficient data extraction in Microsoft Excel®. 

NOTOCORD-hem wizards

This function is designed to drastically reduce time needed to generate reports as users benefit from the different time-saving assistants and may create their own extraction templates for further data extraction.


File Info
To extract various information from a data file (filename, acquisition duration, acquisition start time, etc.)
To extract experiment information (values, average, number of points, maximum, etc.)
Event markers
To extract information on markers: number, type, assigned keys, name, etc.
To visually redefine the data analysis field.
To quickly draw a graph that represents the extracted data.
Time-matched Extraction
To ensure extracted data match appropriate events (eg: extracted data really correspond to a fully detected heartbeat).
More information in the Excel®: Time-matched extraction wizard advanced tutorial.
(The Time-matched Extraction wizard is only available with an activation key).
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