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APR30a  - Arterial blood pressure analyzer  PDF   APR31a  - Arterial blood pressure analyzer
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Extracted from 28th November 2007 PDF documentation.

APR30a module has 2 inputs and 4 outputs.


Blood pressureContinuous arterial pressure signal for analysis200-500 Hz; 0-300 mmHg
TriggerSignal representing the heart rate and used to control the module rate 


All outputs are computed on a cycle-by-cycle basis.


Max of the input signal between 2 successive triggers.

Systolic pressure point.
Diastolic-Min of the input signal between 2 successive triggers.Diastolic pressure point.
Mean-Arithmetic mean calculated between 2 successive diastolic points.Systolic pressure point.
RateBeats/minInstantaneous heart rate calculated between two successive maximum derivative values.Systolic pressure point.