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You have built your configuration in the Configuration Setup window, now you are ready to acquire data*.

There are several ways to start the acquisition process:

  • Click the START button in the toolbar of the main window
  • Click in the Acquisition > Start menu in the main window
  • Ctrl+A shortcut (see Shortcuts in NOTOCORD-hem for more shortcuts)

If a display module (like CTD60a) is part of your configuration and connected to the acquisition module, then the acquired signal(s) is(are) displayed in the main window as shown in the picture below. You will find more information in the Get Started: Display signals and in the CTD60a section.

In the main window's toolbar, the NOTOCORD® logo in the top right corner shows a dynamic wave when acquisition is in progress. TheSTART button is replaced by a STOP button.


The configuration may also be built after acquisition. Only the acquisition module is mandatory in the Configuration Setup window to acquire data.

In the Configuration Setup window, a green color on the modules indicates that acquisition is in progress.



Modules not linked to any data streams in input blink with an orange color when acquisition is in progress.


Please note that setting a module during acquisition is not permittted, except for display modules and keyboard module which can be set at any time.

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