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Acquire, analyze, visualize and report!

NOTOCORD®'s powerful and versatile software platform offers:

      • A wide portfolio of software modules and applications for data acquisition and analysis,
      • Flexible data handling and display thanks to user-friendly interfaces,
      • An exclusive and fast reporting system in Microsoft Excel®, with the possibility to create time-saving customized templates.

Discover the key features

  NOTOCORD®'s expertise covers cardiovascular, respiratory, electrophysiology and nervous system research areas.

  Our solutions are fit for preclinical R&D (discovery, safety pharmacology and toxicology studies), including in vivo and in vitro drug testing operations, and biomedical signals monitoring and research activities. Academic research teams may benefit from our dedicated Academic Packs, all-in-one software solutions designed for Life Sciences research.

  • Over 160 modules and applications for a truly customized analysis
  • Simultaneous acquisition from different sources and systems
  • Flexible user interface for easy configuration and display
  • Online analysis, i.e. modules calculate and output results during acquisition
  • Online review, i.e. all input data and results can be reviewed during acquisition
  • Ultra fast data access whatever the experiment data size is
  • Fast and unique reporting system in Microsoft Excel® to make tables for statistics and publications in minutes
  • Generation of a single file containing all data (size larger than 10 GB possible)
  • GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
One software, two windows

Launching NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution opens two separate windows:

  • The Configuration Setup window for building the analysis configuration and setting the modules' parameters
  • The main window that contains all menus and data display,

Configuration Setup and main windows

More information in KRN43a section.

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